The Treasure of the Aztecs

The Treasure of the Aztecs

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Can you decipher the ancient Aztec tablet to discover Montezuma’s lost treasure?

A team of builders working in Mexico City have dug up a mysterious stone tablet whilst constructing a new Metro line. On close inspection they discover the tablet bears the personal sigil of Montezuma II, the last emperor of the Aztecs.

The rest of the script however is almost unintelligible, so it has been sent out across the globe to teams of experts for translation. Speculation is rife that the tablet could point the way to Montezuma’s secret treasure trove, filled with riches beyond imagination.

The race is on to crack the secrets of the ancient tablet and get there first!

What you need

  • Printer
  • Device (phone/tablet/laptop etc)
  • Internet connection
  • A Facebook account
  • Recommended: 2-6 players (age 8+)

How to play

  • Download and print your pack of ancient secrets – don’t forget to save your download
  • Decipher the ancient Aztec riddles, sift through clues left by the conquistadors and use your phones to search for more guidance
  • Need some clues? Marcos, Professor of Antiquities at the Mexico City Museum, will be on hand to answer any questions